In order to encourage the creation and dissemination of new musical works the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble is organizing the 9th edition of the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble Composition Competition – new chamber music with electronics.


DEADLINE: 2019-10-31
The competition is open to composers of any age and nationality.

Winners of the previous editions of the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble Composition Competition cannot participate in the present edition.

Each contestant can submit only one work, composed in or after 2015.

The submitted works must not have been commercially published or awarded in any national or international competition.

The required duration of the work is between 7 and 15 minutes.

The submitted compositions must include a combination of a minimum of 3 instruments (see below) + electronics (tape or live-electronics) :
- flute (doubling piccolo, alto flute or bass flute);
- clarinet in Bb (doubling A, Eb, Bb bass clarinet);
- violin;
- cello;
- piano (also keyboards / synthesizers / midi grand piano, but not Disklavier);

The submitted work may include a maximum of eight-channel loudspeaker system; the use of the following audio sequencers: Ardour, Digital Performer, Reaper, Logic Pro; the use of the interactive applications Max/MSP/Jitter or Supercollider – all operable on Mac OS. Any additional software and/or plug-in must run on Mac OS; it must be freeware and needs to be provided by the applicant.

The work’s score / parts may be written out by hand or printed on computer notation software. In case of submission of handwritten score / parts, they must be neatly written and legible.

The application with the complete set of materials (see below) must be submitted no later than 2019-10-31 to the following email: sondarte@sondarte.com


All applications must include the following materials and information:

The score and all the instrumental parts of the composition (in .pdf format);

Electronic part in a zipped folder and sent to the same email as above by We transfer or similar file transfer system (pre-recorded material and / or final version of live processing patches, ready for performance and including all necessary instructions for set-up and performance);

Recording (audio or video) of the piece (if available);

Description / program notes of the submitted work in English (up to 500 words);

The year of composition (submitted works must be composed in or after 2010; please specify if the work is a world premiere);

An accurate estimate of the duration of the work.

NOTE: All of the materials described above are an integral part of the work/application and will be taken into consideration by the jury.

The composers’ applications must also include:

A short biography in English (up to 500 words);
A recent photo (preferably in jpeg);
Proof of nationality;
Postal address, e-mail, website or link to the publisher (if available);
All necessary information/documentation relevant for consideration by the Jury and organizers, apart from the score and optional recording (e.g., scheme of the sound system, disposition on stage, list of necessary equipment for performance, etc.).


to be announced

The results of the competition will be officially announced by the 15th of December, 2019 on www.sondarte.com. The winner of the competition will be contacted by email.

The Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble reserves the right to make changes to the rules if circumstances require.

The winning work will be performed by the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble during the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble season. The winning work will also be integrated in the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble’s repertoire and the winning composer will receive a prize of 1500€ and will be invited to attend the rehearsals and concert with his/her piece. If the winning work is by a Portuguese composer it will also be published by the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre – MIC.PT publishing.